"Sippin' On Sunshine" is a song recorded by Avril Lavigne for her self-titled fifth studio album. The track was written by Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger, David Hodges, Jacob Kasher, and Martin Johnson. It was produced by Martin Johnson, Brandon Paddock, and Kyle Moorman. Critics were divided on the track, with some choosing it as their pick for a future single, while others found it to be too generic.


"Sippin' On Sunshine" is a pop-rock song that lasts for a total of three minutes and 29 seconds. The song has been compared to the album's fourth track, "Bitchin' Summer", which Lavigne said she prefers over "Sippin' On Sunshine". [1]

Critical receptionEdit

"Sippin' On Sunshine" received mixed reviews from critics.

Craig Manning of Absolute Punk gave the song a mixed review, stating that both "Sippin' On Sunshine" and "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" were "enjoyable but generic Katy Perry pop. [2] In his review of the album, Jason Lipshutz of Billboard, said that "Sippin' On Sunshine" could potentially do very well on Adult Contemporary radio and compared its lyrics to that of the album's lead single, "Here's to Never Growing Up". He also noted that it was the first track on the album with a very prominent bass. [3] Sam Lansky of Idolator gave a positive review of the track, calling the track "jubilant" and going as far as to say that it "out-roars [Katy Perry's] 'Roar'". [4] StarPulse also compared the track to the work of Katy Perry. [5]


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