"Hush Hush" is a song recorded by Avril Lavigne for her self-titled fifth studio album. It is the album's closing track and was co-written by Lavigne and David Hodges, who also produced the song. Avril revealed on multiple occasions that "Hush Hush" was one of her favorite songs from the album, along with "Give You What You Like", "Hello Kitty", and "Bad Girl". "Hush Hush" was praised by critics, who found it to be one of the album's most mature efforts and believed that it brought the album to a solid close. 


Lavigne revealed that "Hush Hush" was one of her favorite songs from the album on multiple occasions. [1][2][3] In an interview with Parade, when asked what her favorite song on the album was, she responded with "Hush Hush", saying:

I like ‘Hush Hush,’ which is the last song on the record. I tend to put a lot of my favorite songs that are more introverted, introspective as the end song on my records. [4]

Many of her fans compared the song to her previous album's closer, "Goodbye", with the biggest similarity between the two being their prominent usage of the piano throughout both tracks. They were also compared for displaying Lavigne's emotional side in an authentic and uncommon light. In an interview with CBS News, Lavigne revealed that "Hush Hush" was one of the songs written the fastest for the new album, along with "Hello Kitty" and "Bad Girl". [5]

The ballad was written in the key of E Major and lasts for a total of four minutes and one second. 

Critical receptionEdit

"Hush Hush" received mainly positive reviews from critics, with some choosing it as a highlight from the album. Amy Sciarretto of PopCrush called it "Lavigne's most mature songwriting effort" and added that it was one of the album's most "pensive and reflective" tracks. [6] Jason Lipshutz of Billboard also reacted positvely to the track, saying, "The great thing about the songwriting on Avril Lavigne is that it always conveys a deeper meaning without overreaching or busting out the thesaurus. The piano-driven 'Hush Hush' emits a rush of feelings — regret, anger, desperation, nakedness, and finally, faint hopefulness — and unpacks them tidily while presenting Lavigne as a pop artist one can still trust to handle the job." [7]

"Hush Hush" was compared to its precedent, "Falling Fast", by many critics. MuuMuse called "Hush Hush" "equally pretty" (referring to "Falling Fast")[8], while Craig Manning of AbsolutePunk compared both to the musical stylings of Lavigne's previous studio effort Goodbye Lullaby, calling them "similar bores" in a more negative review of the track. [9]  After calling previous track "Falling Fast" "the most outright sweet thing here", Sam Lansky of Idolator said that “'Hush Hush' is lovelier still, with a chorus that crashes in out of nowhere, all wistful sentiment". [10]

Live performancesEdit

The song was added to the setlist of the Avril Lavigne Tour and was often opened with a piano intro before the album version of the song was performed. During the piano intro, Lavigne would often thank her fans for coming to the show and introduced "Hush Hush" as one of her favorite songs.


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