"Bitchin' Summer" is a song by Avril Lavigne, taken from her self-titled fifth studio album. The song is the fourth track on the album. It was written by Lavigne with her husband Chad Kroeger, along with David Hodges, Matt Squire, and Jacob Kasher.


Lavigne described the song as one of her favorites from the album and has stated that she prefers the song over "Sippin' On Sunshine", a song on the album that is very similar in theme to "Bitchin' Summer". [1] "Bitchin' Summer" is a primarily pop-rock song. Many critics noted the fact that she opened the song with an acoustic guitar, and the pop elements of the song were not very obvious until the chorus.

Critical receptionEdit

The song received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom found the song to be bland and typical of Lavigne's musical stylings. Many also reacted negatively to Lavigne's vocals in the bridge.


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