The following policies for this wiki are as follows:

Do Not... Edit

  • Post anything irrelevant to Avril Lavigne. Articles like this will immediately be deleted.
  • Delete any true information on any existing article.
  • Use any photos or media without permission.
  • Harass any members of this wiki.

Do... Edit

  • Contribute to the wiki in the right way.
  • Follow the rules and respect them.
  • Update this wiki regularly.
  • Cite information. Not everything must be referenced, but it is preferred.

How to Contribute the Right Way Edit

How to edit the Avril Lavigne Wiki in the right way is very simple, you just need to follow these easy and simple rules:

  • As said above, it is preferred you cite information. It is not mandatory you add links to the reference, but you can. It is also not absolutely to add cites, but for a reliable community, we expect you to.
  • Update regularly! We want a very reliable wiki for up-to-date information. If something already added is contradicted, please remove it immediately.
  • Follow the article layout. For reference of this layout, see Avril Lavigne Wiki:Editing Rules.
  • As said above, do not add articles irrelevant to Avril Lavigne. All pages on this wikia are expected to correlate to Avril Lavigne and no one else.

User-page policy Edit

You are only allowed to edit a user's page if you are:

  • Fixing something.
  • Adding something that they requested.
  • Taking down something that is against the wiki's policies.

Image Policy Edit

Images are an important part of articles, for they showcase the main part of the article, and they add more to design and theme of the wiki.

General guidelines Edit

Before adding an image to the article, look over these guidelines:

  • Is the image relevant? I.e, do not add the cover of "The Best Damn Thing" to a "Let Go" article.
  • The size for album covers/song covers MUST be sized 220x220px or bigger. Images for persons MUST be sized 220x440px or bigger.
  • For unreleased albums/songs, use the photo "Unreleased.jpg"

Editing Rules Edit

Adding Pages and Information Edit

  1. Do not create unnecessary pages that are not Avril Lavigne related.
  2. Refrain from bias in any article.
  3. Be sure you are making a necessary page to the wiki when creating new pages. Contact a local staff member if you'd like confirmation.  

Basic Editing Edit

  1. If someone edits or undoes your edit with good reason, do not edit it back unless you'd like to personally talk to the opposing editor.   
  2. Do not plagiarize content from another wiki's page or copy-and-paste from a citation source. If you do copy + paste information from an interview, put quotations and cite.
  3. For adding to the chronology of a song, always use the chronology of a studio album, even if it is also featured on EP. For unreleased songs, use "Unreleased" as the chronology name. If the song only is featured on EP, use the chronology of that EP, but only for the songs only featured on the EP.

Adding Categories and Subpages Edit

  1. For adding the stub category to articles, the article must be shorter then the article's infobox and lacking important information such as "Writing and Composition", this is to be omitted for most song pages.
  2. Do not create new categories without alerting an admin or staffmember for approval.

Citing and Referencing Information Edit

  1. On music articles, use only official U.S cover art that is confirmed to be the cover, along with other international confirmed covers, if those exist.
  2. Please cite any new information regarding a release date of an album to be released.

Title Policy Edit

Basic Rules Edit

When creating a new page....

  • Use capitalization correctly. Capitalize all words except: of, the, an, and etc, unless they are the first word of the title.
  • If there is already another page with the same name use (song) or (album).
  • For creating "Merch" or "Booklet" pages for albums, write "(Insert album name)/(insert Merch, Lyrics or Booklet.).

Blog Rules Edit

Blog GuidelinesEdit

  1. Do not create blogs about personal life stories unless there is reason, and an admin has given permission for it's creation.
  2. Other than exceptions as shown above, all blogs must relate to Avril Lavigne, or in the exception of admins or mods, updates or announcements for the wiki.
  3. Do not put more than 3 pictures in a blog, unless granted permission for by an admin.

Blog Commenting RulesEdit

  1. Be respectful towards others' opinions for what they write.
  2. Keep all comments relevant to the blog's original topic.
  3. Please refrain from commenting on blogs that are over one month old.